Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to all users of our website and app. You are obliged to read the privacy policy before you start using our services and to familiarize yourself with proper use of our services so you can have a better user experience.

1.Information you share with us:

When you use Friendspo, we receive some information from you. For example, we acquire information about your IP address and the type of device you are using. When you register an account you share the following information with us: name or nickname, email address, gender, age, interests.

2.Method of information sharing:

How we share your information depends on how you use your account. You can post content publicly or privately in our app or website. In both case, the email address is only visible to us. We never share information such as an email address with third parties and always properly protect it.

3.How we use information:

We use your email address so that we can contact you via email. You may receive e-news from us. After registering the account, you may or may not be subscribed to our e-newsletter, from which you can always unsubscribe later by clicking on the unsubscribe button.

4.When is your username and content publicly visible:

If you chose a public profile, all app and website users will be able to find your username in the search results. They will also be able to see what content you have posted. 

5.To use the app or website, you need to create an account first:

Only after you create an account can you start using our app or website. When you register you have the option to use your real name or nickname for the username. The username will be visible to everyone when you comment on the post published by other users. Later on you can also specify your real name in the settings in addition to the username. 

6.Direct messages and private communication:

We also offer you a private form of communication. Comments are public, while direct messages are private. Messages are only visible to you and to the person that you send a message to. You should still be careful and don't reveal every detail about yourself until you get to know the person and add them to your friend list. We are not responsible for any damage that may result from direct messages.

7.Additional information we receive from you: 

We receive certain information from you when you use our app or website. We acquire additional information through cookies and the Google Analytics tool. The Google Analytics tool shows us the basic statistics of our visitors: we can find out about their interests, gender, and average age.

 8.Information about your approximate location:

In order to provide a better user experience we also collect information about our users’ approximate location. If you create a new post on the activity page we will receive information about your approximate location. When you share your approximate location you will be able to arrange activities with other users much faster. Finding new friends from your neighborhood will also become easier and faster.


Within the app or website, you can access other websites that are published by other users. You should be aware that other terms of use and privacy policy apply when you visit other websites. You may come across a website where they ask for your credit card. Be very careful when visiting other websites and always make sure the site you are visiting is secure.


You may see ads when using the app. Ads are displayed to all users. From time to time we advertise various products and services to our customers. Advertising revenue allows us to support the app and website and improve our services.