China extra large plastic hamster cage suppliers

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ChinaChina extra large plastic hamster cage suppliers extra large plastic hamster cage suppliers

China extra large plastic hamster cage suppliers Company Profile Ningbo Light Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Is a collection of research and development, production and sales for the integration of high and new tech enterprise. Proceeding from clinical requirements in veterinary medical industry, it is committed to developing exclusive devices in the field of intelligent veterinary medical care. Wu Yufu, as the founder of the company, is the national registered veterinarian with nearly 20 years of animal clinical experience. After many years of accumulation, he has developed series of medical products such as oxygen supply and ICU of pet. Specifically, the series of products used for ICU have won nearly 10 national inventions and patents. The RD team, containing one professor, two associate professors, and more than 20 doctors and masters, has participated in the "Digital Diagnostic Equipment Project" ---a key RD Program of "13th Five-Year Plan". The products developed and put into the market by the company have filled the gaps of the domestic market demand, and now are exported to Europe and Southeast Asian markets, receiving wide recognition by veterinarians. Team Introduced Wu Yufu, a national registered veterinarian, got his bachelor degree of veterinary medicine in China Agricultural University; he is also the President and one of the technical RD staffs of Ningbo Pet Industry Association. With Dr. Liang Bo as the core, the team including one Professor, two associate professors and more than 20 doctors and masters which is engaged in the research and development of core products. At the same time, there are also two designers who are responsible for the product structures, two automation software engineers, as well as three staffs who are responsible for product designs. Development History The President of the company, Mr. Wu has been engaged in Veterinary Medicine from 2000 to 2015. Since 2015, he has been engaged in the research and development, production, as well as sales of equipment in the field of Veterinary Medicine. He cooperated with Liang Bo, a doctor from College of Biomedical Engineering and Instrumentation Science in Zhejiang University, to develop, produce and sale veterinary ICU Chambers by establishing Ningbo Yun Rui Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. in 2017. What's more, Zhejiang Pet Education Technology Co. Ltd. was established in the same year to carry out continuing education for registered veterinarians. In 2021, Ningbo Light Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was established to research and develop an oxygen supply system for veterinary hospitals, a comprehensive solution for the oxygen to veterinary medical institutions, as well as the latest generation of ICU technology iteration. Organizational Structure In the future, Ningbo Yun Rui aims to the product development; Zhejiang Pet Education Technology Co. Ltd. Targets at continuing education in the field of veterinary medicine; and Ningbo Light Medical Technology Co. Ltd. undertakes the production and sales of main products. Company Honor It is a science and technology-based enterprise ---- science and technology personnel as the main body, which is mainly engaged in scientific research, development, production, sales of high-tech products, with a main content of commercialization of scientific and technological achievements and technology development, technical services, technical consulting and high-tech products. The company is a knowledge-intensive and market-oriented economic entity with the implementation of "self-financing, voluntary combination, self-management, self-development, self-restraint" principles. Competitive Advantage The products have strong veterinary industry characteristics, customized from the actual veterinary medical care. RD Capability We have our own RD team, and have deep cooperation with Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Wanli College and other universities as well as research institutions. We have strong RD capability in product positioning, structure design, function and clinical application. Industry Status We are in the leading position in the aspects of intelligent oxygen supply system for veterinary treatment institutions, animal imaging-CT, and veterinary dental specialties in the industry of veterinary intensive care medical treatment. Corporate Strategy With research and development for science and technology as the core, we aim to innovate products and create value by upgrading technology continuously, so as to solve the actual clinical needs of animals and seek the health and welfare of small animals. Company Mission We continue to help improve the pet treatment industry through technology. Profession! Concentration! Focus! Corporate Vision For the industry - innovate products that create value. For the animals - improve the quality of life and seek the welfare of life. Company Philosophy Pioneering and innovation; integrity management; mutual benefit and win-win Company Values Customer-oriented, technology-led, human-pet harmony.China extra large plastic hamster cage suppliers website: